Where's Woody?

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

I’ve maintained an online presence for number of years but have tended to interact more with social media platforms. Typically this was via Facebook or Instagram.  I logged in recently to discover my Facebook account suspended with a notification that I was impersonating myself.  The only way to gain access to my account was to provide proof of identity.  

I won’t go into the fiasco that followed,  but the end result was a permanently suspended account and a complete loss of many years of interactions.  Like many of my musical friends, we build up connections via these platforms, and whilst I have an address book for a lot, there are others that I kept in contact with just through social media.  I have no concrete idea why it suddenly happened.  It may have been an over enthusiastic algorythm or a disgruntled user.  I suspect the latter, but either way I've decided to close most of my social accounts and focus on enhancing this site.

So if you’ve come here looking for me because I suddenly vanished  - I am still around!