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“Hi Woody, CD is here and sounds really great! Beautiful playing and great tone... love it !”

“Listening now Woody......your tone and playing are superb.”

“Hi Woody, Just purchased your CD thru iTunes.  Wow, very impressive... Love the tunes... great tone, fantastic feel and exceptional "woody" chops. I love you’re playing, man!”

“I stumbled onto your site by accident really. It began in search of a sound clip for a Celestion Gold 12 as a replacement to my beaten up old Vintage 30. As soon as I heard the sound clip I fell in love, so to speak, with your guitar playing. Finally a true artist of the instrument.

Thank you for giving all of us fellow "Dreamers" inspiration!

Your Canadian Fan”

“Hi Pete, I came across your site whilst researching Dumble amps - amazing collection you have and some awesome playing there, all those amps sound so good!”

Just another guitar player...

Pete Wood Album - No one Home

No One Home

Release Type:     Album

Release date:    05/26/2009

UPC:                  859701919452